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This is the Gretur Viajes corporate web site, which I fully developed in 2008, although it has continued to evolve and to incorporate new features and tools. I took both graphic design and PHP programming of many components, modules and plugins that extend the functionality of Joomla, content management system (CMS) which this web site is based on, for example to enable application integration with SugarCRM as detailed in this other post: SugarCRM – Gretur Viajes

Then I review the more remarkable features of this website.

Online Travel Catalogs


Lots of information about all countries and commercialized products


Presentation of different products with great detail


Additional services useful to the user


Other details of this website



About the author

Daniel López Azaña
Cloud Solutions Architect

Entrepreneur, a generator of ideas and restless mind. Passionate about new technologies, especially Linux systems and Open Source Software. I also like to write about Technology News, Cloud Computing, DevOps, System Security, Web Development and Programming, SEO, Science, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, etc.

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