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Fashion website based on Yii Framework

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This time we made a complete website for, a fashion industry innovative startup. Based on Yii Framework 1.1.13, it was endowed with a customized responsive design able to fit perfectly into any display size, wheter mobile or tablet. We also provided technological consultancy and online marketing services.

This website consists of a fully customized frontend inspired by a mix of bootstrap themes like Vivid 2.0, Serenity and Maximum All in One, and also an administrator based on Ace Admin theme. Employed technologies were HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3 and jQuery in both cases.



In addition, we created a custom blog from scratch without relying on any existing content manager or CMS, which yielded outstanding results and full satisfaction for our client.




Used technologies

Regarding to backend technologies used, this PHP website was developed using Yii Framework, which was the best adapted to project needs, as database design was not so complex to require a Data Mapper like Doctrine2, for example, but had a significant number of entities and query types, so we opted for a MVC framework wich followed the ActiveRecord pattern. Furthermore it should perform well, and Yii Framework is especially striking in this respect. Another key feature that Yii Framework provides is scaffolding, which allowed us to streamline CRUD operations generation for the numerous entities that make up the application.

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                  This backend also had a responsive user interface based on the Ace Admin theme, also Bootstrap:



                  Another interesting feature is website is multilingual, allowing initially only English and Spanish, but designed to support a lot of different languages, not only in terms of content but also in almost all database entities, routing and URLs, which can also be translated into any language.

                  11-capacidades-multiidioma-ingles      12-capacidades-multiidioma-ingles

                  The login and sign up processes were also integrated with leading authentication services from most important social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, using the HybridAuth library, which allows to achieve a higher number of user conversions as sign up process is much easier.13-social-network-signup

                  Finally, contact and newsletter registration forms were provided by Podio, wich enabled easy integration of different CRM and project management features.

                  Other project screenshots



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                  DanielFashion website based on Yii Framework

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