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15 Tips and Tools for Successful Remote Working after Covid-19

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There are many people and companies that due to the coronavirus crisis (Covid-19) are being forced to adopt different forms of remote working these days. As an architect of cloud solutions (Cloud Computing) and freelance system administrator I have been working this way successfully for many years, so some of them are asking me during the last days advice on what strategies to follow and what useful applications exist to manage to telecommuting efficiently. That is why I decided to go a step further and write this article in which I compile a series of recommendations and tools that I hope will help many people who are forced to perform their work remotely from home in these new coronavirus era. However I also hope all those people and companies that see an opportunity in all this and choose to bet definitely for remote work, either partially or fully, will find it useful too.

Daniel15 Tips and Tools for Successful Remote Working after Covid-19

Podio, a great collaboration tool

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Logo PodioAfter a long time looking for an application that would allow me to manage the vast amounts of tasks I have to deal with every day, I never found one that suited my needs so well and offered me as much potential as Podio.

And I tried so far. From the first ones I looked at many years ago, like EgroupwaredotProject]project-open[ or Feng Office, to the much more powerful and evolved RedmineTeamboxConfluence and JiraZyncroBasecamp or Asana, there are many tools I squeezed in search of the ultimate solution to my needs in time, files and links management, information sharing, group communication and team collaboration.

DanielPodio, a great collaboration tool