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SugarCRM customization for advertising and online marketing agency

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Client: omitted for confidentiality reasons

This project consisted in performing out a thorough SugarCRM customization to provide it with several features specifically tailored to customer requirements and not provided by SugarCRM CE, as different automatically calculated fields, complex data validations based on states and values of related modules, image galleries, multimedia support to host and manage video and audio files from SugarCRM, etc.

SugarCRM logo

In the interest of confidentiality we are unable to disclose the name of the company, but the customization and personalization made on SugarCRM was focused to meet the needs of an advertising and online marketing agency with high volume of customers.

Below is a series of screenshots of the most interesting features, though it became also a great deal of customization in other common areas, such as contracts management, invoices, documents, accounts, contacts, etc.

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                  Given our client’s nature, an advertising and marketing online agency, one of the most significant issues of customization work we undertake on their SugarCRM instance is the implementation of multimedia capabilities as advanced image, audio clips and video support in order to store them and relate different Sugar modules with our client banners, ads and commercials.

                  All multimedia elements displayed on the following screenshots are perfectly playable from SugarCRM and can be easily added to each module records too.

                  Multimedia bannersAd detail view

                  Audio clips preview into subpanelsVideo clips previews inside subpanels


                  Custom module created from scratch with many calculated fields and automatic functions wich cause changes depending on its status and force validations of certain values or other related modules records. As an example of calculated fields worth mentioning drop-down fields automatically generated (commercial agent) with the appropriate options depending on the value of another field (marketer), blocking and filling fields (in gray) as a result of selecting other related fields from other modules (NACE code, NACE description), generation of unique identification codes from the value of another field or fields when saving a record (reference code and tax ID), etc.

                  Advertiser detail viewAdvertiser edit view


                  Bank account custom field

                  Campaigns and subcampaigns

                  Custom modules including a number of calculated fields as main hightlight feature: Commercial Agent drop-down filled from the selected Marketer, automatic calculation of subcampaign costs from a set of constraints specified by users and from current prices published in specific related modules (Ad Types).

                  Custom Campaigns moduleCustom subcampaigns module

                  Other modules

                  Some native SugarCRM modules were also customized, and new ones were created in order to manage master data, such as NACE codes from different customers and suppliers, as well as different ad types handled by the agency.

                  NACE codes management moduleAd types


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                  DanielSugarCRM customization for advertising and online marketing agency

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