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I am looking for freelance PHP programmers


I am looking for freelance PHP programmers with initiative and entrepreneurial spirit to help me, first, take on the surplus of projects that my clients request to me and I can’t accept due to lack of time. On the other hand, but not least important, I would like to find reliable people to form a strong team to undertake and develop some projects I have in mind and others that someone may propose.

Regarding the first scenario, I would like to establish a collaborative relationship in which I would be the interface to the customer and you would perform the analysis and programming tasks that I entrusted after reaching an agreement on the economic conditions of each job, although I ideally would establish a general fee of €X per hour reviewable if any particular case might arise. I’m also a programmer, so you will always have the help and support you need from me to carry out assigned projects. If collaboration in this first stage is successful, I will love to develop the second stage with you.

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                  Candidate’s technical profile

                  • You are a PHP programmer with great talent and great mastery of object-oriented programming. Possess advanced knowledge on how to test, debug, profile and optimize code.
                  • Your code is clean, tidy, well structured and is packed with clear and descriptive comments in English.
                  • You have knowledge of different techniques to improve applications performance: web server optimization, extensive knowledge of Apache and Nginx, APC, memcached, etc.
                  • You’re used to work with CVS repositories like SVN, Git or Mercurial.
                  • You know and master different web development technologies: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, etc.
                  • You have extensive experience in frameworks and applications based on PHP. I especially appreciate developing experience (components, modules, plugins, etc.) in any of the following (no need to be all). Even experience in other frameworks are welcome.
                    • Yii framework
                    • WordPress
                    • Joomla
                    • SugarCRM
                    • PrestaShop
                  • You master the Linux operating system and work with it regularly.
                  • You have a high level of both spoken and written English.
                  • Ideally, you will have an account on GitHub so I can check some examples of your code and your work.

                  Professional profile

                  Besides technical skills, you feel identified with this profile at the professional level:

                  • You are a serious, meticulous and a perfectionist at work, with great attention to detail, but at the same time you know when to cut off and cultivate other aspects of life. You know how to find the balance between the two halves of your brain: Hemisferios-Cerebrales
                  • You are a restless and enterprising person who enjoys learning something new every day and studying and applying new techniques and technologies as they emerge in this and other fields.
                  • You’re used to work focused on goals and meet deadlines with which you commit.
                  • You have plenty of initiative. No waiting for something to happen, YOU make it happen.
                  • If you don’t know something, you ask intelligent questions or you look for the answer yourself.
                  • You like teamwork, have no problem to recognize your mistakes and shortcomings and at the same time you can enlighten the rest of the team sharing your knowledge and skills to contribute to a common goal.
                  • When embarking on a given project a lot more things than money make you move.
                  • You agree the philosophy behind open source software and understand that you win when you share something with other people expecting nothing in return.
                  • Attention to details mentioned above makes you to take your time to be choosy and careful with spelling and good writing, because you understand that good writing is not something that only concerns to writers and journalists, but it is an essential tool for a good communication with other people.

                  Other questions to evaluate

                  I will need to know your fees and see your portfolio. If you don’t show me a good selection of your work it will be impossible for me to evaluate the above. And yes, I admit, maybe I’m asking for the moon, but I think the following is a good phrase:

                  “Shoot to the moon, and if you fail at least you will fly among stars”

                  View of the moon Finally, I don’t care if you are a boy or a girl, not your age or your sexual orientation, not your religion or the number of degrees or masters you have. You only have enthusiasm and desire to work. Do you dare to challenge? If so please contact me through any of the ways you’ll find in my homepage. Thanks!


                  About the author

                  Daniel López Azaña
                  Freelance AWS Cloud Solution Architect & Linux Sysadmin

                  Entrepreneur, a generator of ideas and restless mind. Passionate about new technologies, especially Linux systems and Open Source Software. I also like to write about Technology News, Cloud Computing, AWS, DevOps, DevSecOps, System Security, Web Development and Programming, SEO, Science, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, etc.

                  DanielI am looking for freelance PHP programmers

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                  • Zubair Zafar - 01/08/2012 reply

                    Let me help you regarding this.

                  • Quan Jin - 02/08/2012 reply

                    Dear Daniel.

                    I am a software professional with 10 years of developing experience.
                    I have seen your proposal on
                    I feel I would be a good fit for you and I am confident.
                    Can you please inform me your email address or skype id?
                    I would like to concretely discuss with you.

                    Quan Jin

                  • Daniel - 03/08/2012 reply

                    Thank you very much to everyone for your interest in this offer. The truth is I’m overwhelmed by the number of responses I received. I will try to answer them all, but I don’t know how long will it take. I apologize in advance if I fail to answer someone.

                    However, if this time can not be, I’ll keep your contacts for future opportunities.

                    Thanks again!

                  • Daniel - 03/08/2012 reply

                    However, don’t be discouraged to continue sending your suggestions. I read and consider all of them. My intention is to form a multidisciplinary team, so your profile can fit even if many other people applied.

                    Thank you!

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