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Fashion website based on Yii Framework

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This time we made a complete website for, a fashion industry innovative startup. Based on Yii Framework 1.1.13, it was endowed with a customized responsive design able to fit perfectly into any display size, wheter mobile or tablet. We also provided technological consultancy and online marketing services.

This website consists of a fully customized frontend inspired by a mix of bootstrap themes like Vivid 2.0, Serenity and Maximum All in One, and also an administrator based on Ace Admin theme. Employed technologies were HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3 and jQuery in both cases.

DanielFashion website based on Yii Framework

I am looking for freelance PHP programmers


I am looking for freelance PHP programmers with initiative and entrepreneurial spirit to help me, first, take on the surplus of projects that my clients request to me and I can’t accept due to lack of time. On the other hand, but not least important, I would like to find reliable people to form a strong team to undertake and develop some projects I have in mind and others that someone may propose.

DanielI am looking for freelance PHP programmers

High CPU load when converting images with ImageMagick


In certain versions of ImageMagick there is a problem (probably due to a bug) when trying to convert or manipulate an image either from the command line (convert command) or through one of the many API’s available (for example PHP). The CPU usage suddenly grows beyond 100% (because this problem occurs on multiprocessor systems) and the system becomes extremely slow. Apart from this high CPU load, the conversion process also gets blocked, never reaching to the end. This occurs even with small images of few kilobytes.

DanielHigh CPU load when converting images with ImageMagick

Using PHP to backup MySQL databases


This post shows how to perform a partial or full backup of MySQL databases using only PHP code. This is very useful for example when a client doesn’t provide you with access data to the database of a web application and you only have an FTP connection available, or when you do have the connection data to the database but you can’t access it through the network (only available from localhost) and you can’t use tools like mysqldump to back up the information you need because you don’t have privileges for this, or simply because you have no access to a shell to which connect and run commands.

UPDATE (08-28-2017): moved the source code from myphp-backup.php and myphp-restore.php scripts to my GitHub daniloaz/myphp-backup repository

DanielUsing PHP to backup MySQL databases