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Plugins for chat

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In September 2011 I started a collaboration with the project, a service that lets webmasters to integrate a chat on their websites that allows users on that site to talk to each other in a friendly manner. This chat service is seamlessly integrated with the content manager or application that manages the users of a given website, which allows to display user names, profile pictures, user friends or connections, and so on. Specifically, my job is to develop plugins that allow this integration so webmasters can install a complete chat solution in minutes and in a very easy way.

So far I have developed plugins for the following CMS’s, but is expected to program plugins for 25 different CMS’s, so it is likely that the list continues to grow:

phpFox Plugin download link:
Social Engine Plugin download link: se4_bowob_1.0.tar.gz
Community Builder Plugin download links: Joomla 1.6: Joomla 1.5:
Simple Machines Forum Plugin download link: smf20_bowob_1.0.tar.gz



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