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Despite interacting with the Internet and the blogosphere since its inception, I never before decided to write my own blog.

I’ve been following lots of journals for many years and leaving my contributions in the form of comments or observations. Similarly I participate in numerous forums and debates offering and requesting help in many different disciplines. And of course I also contribute by writing occasional articles from time to time, as in the case of Gretur Viajes travel blog.

Until now I always did all this anonymously, because I never liked disseminate information about myself beyond the essential. However, something in me has changed. It is not that now arose in me an unexpected desire of being center stage, but I found out that throughout my career I have missed certain opportunities for not disclosing to the world my thoughts and concerns, as well as failing associating to my own person the altruistically spreaded knowledge. Therefore, from now I will continue to do so in a way a little bit less unselfish, combining my skills and experience to my personal brand,, especially now I decided to continue my career as a freelancer, but always with the same desire to help and with a great willingness to answer questions that are raised to me. Getting started…


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Daniel López Azaña
Freelance AWS Cloud Solution Architect & Linux Sysadmin

Entrepreneur, a generator of ideas and restless mind. Passionate about new technologies, especially Linux systems and Open Source Software. I also like to write about Technology News, Cloud Computing, AWS, DevOps, DevSecOps, System Security, Web Development and Programming, SEO, Science, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, etc.

DanielMy first post

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