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How to perform MySQL/MariaDB backups: mysqldump command examples

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MySQL/MariaDB mysqldump command

Although there are different methods for backing up MySQL and MariaDB databases, the most common and effective one is to use a native tool that both MySQL and MariaDB make available for this purpose: the mysqldump command. As its name suggests, this is a command-line executable program that allows you to perform a complete export (dump) of all the contents of a database or even all the databases in a running MySQL or MariaDB instance. Of course it also allows partial backups, i.e. only some specific tables, or even only only a subset of all the records in a table.

The mysqldump command offers a multitude of different parameters that make it very powerful and flexible. Since having so many options can be confusing, in this post I am going to collect several of the most frequent usage examples with the most common parameters and that are most useful in the day to day life of the system administrator.

DanielHow to perform MySQL/MariaDB backups: mysqldump command examples

Linux remote control from your smartphone via SSH button widgets

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hot-button-ssh-command-widget-iconIn this post I will tell you about an Android app that is extremely useful to run commands remotely on a Linux computerHot Button SSH Command Widget. This application allows you to launch conveniently any command you want on a remote computer through SSH only with the push of a button on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. This not only will facilitate automation of repetitive tasks, but also is very interesting from the perspective of security for the same reasons I exposed in my Automatically lock/unlock your screen by Bluetooth device proximity post. It will allow you for example to lock and unlock the screen without having to type your password again and again in sight of other people.

DanielLinux remote control from your smartphone via SSH button widgets

Perfom Windows backups using rsync and DeltaCopy Server


Rsync and Windows?

Many corporate and heterogeneous networks use the rsync protocol to perform server backups or to keep files synchronized automatically from one or more directories on different machines. Linux natively incorporates the rsync utility and other associated tools, but what do you do when you need to backup Windows folders automatically from a NAS or a remote machine? One option could be to use Samba to read the contents of those folders from Linux, but it would be a fairly complex solution, because it would force us to configure Samba on the server side, set the various permissions and configuration options in Windows and place both machines on the same local network or configure complex rules on our firewall to allow SMB/CIFS traffic. And yet, the file transfer through the network would not be safe, because it would be made text clear with no encryption.

DanielPerfom Windows backups using rsync and DeltaCopy Server

How to create a Windows SSH server

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Neither version of Windows, either Windows XP, Windows 7, or 8 or more modern versions such as Windows Server 2008 or Windows 2012, provides an SSH server to use a standard way to access from other machines with different operating system and be able to run console commands, copy files, forward ports or automate logins by using public/private keys. The Microsoft alternative to this is WinRM / Powershell, but many are the chances that we will need to find a standard and compatible way to access to other systems, and what better way to do this than using the widespread and well-known SSH protocol to get into our Windows machines securely.

DanielHow to create a Windows SSH server