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How to create a Sentilo AWS EC2 instance from an OVA file

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Sentilo is an open source software designed by openTrends for the exchange and processing of information from thousands of sensors and actuators, acting as an interface between them and the various applications that want to collect and make use of the information they provide. Thus, it fits well within the Smart City architecture and has the city of Barcelona as the main promoter. But Sentilo is not only made by and for the cities, but also for any organization that wants to implement an IoT application that requires deploying a smaller number of sensors and actuators, such as inside buildings or in the open field.

In this article I will detail how to deploy a Sentilo 1.6 server in a Cloud Computing environment such as Amazon Web Services by creating an EC2 instance from an AMI that will be created by importing an image in Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) format which can be downloaded from Sentilo’s website at

DanielHow to create a Sentilo AWS EC2 instance from an OVA file