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Web application for live onsite and online car auctions


This was a very interesting project related to the automotive business in which I led a technical team of 4 people in the design and development of a complete software intended for conducting live car auctions both onsite and online in a large industrial building especially conditioned for this kind of events. Unfortunately, despite the beauty of the project and being a startup with great potential and highly talented team of almost 20 people, the application could not finally be used in a real scenario because the company wound up before it could actually start due to various commercial and management issues.

However, at the technical level the application was implemented and deployed completely, fulfilling very satisfactorily the requirements and objectives initially set out. Our application was mainly inspired by the BCA and Autorola car auction softwares, and also others like CarsOnTheWeb, ManheimEurocarBidSubastacarSubasto mi Coche, etc. I humbly believe that we managed to improve them in several ways.

DanielWeb application for live onsite and online car auctions